Dystopia, or the word itself, literally came from two Ancient Greek words: δυσ-, “bad, hard”, and  τόπος, “place, landscape”. According to Wikipedia, “it can alternatively be called cacotopia or anti-utopia.” It is the counterpart of utopia, wherein instead of the community being built into a desirable atmosphere, the dystopia is a community or society that is built in an undesirable and frightening setting.

Although dystopia is an interesting theme to keep us entertained and provide us with a whole new adventure and creepy setups, it is something we should never dream of living in. The world tends to be destroyed and it will soon turned into a completely undesirable place to live in, a dystopia, probably it will be gone forever, if we don’t stop the wars, the pollution and the social issues that are all tearing us apart.

One thought on “Dystopia

  1. Very thought provoking, but we’d really like you to begin to construct your utopian workspace, perhaps initially by finding appropriate precedent

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